Information for Parents

Starting School

Enrolment forms / Transfer forms are available from the school.

Don't forget to inform the school if you change telephone numbers,
childminder or address.

We welcome you and your child to our school and we hope that
you will be very happy here.

Junior & Senior Infants go home at 2 o’clock.
All other classes go home at 2.50pm.
There are 133 children attending Ballindine N.S.

Teachers: Mary Glynn (Principal), Anne Burke,
Anne Mullen, Maria Henry (Infants teacher), Sarah Wujiw and Declan Kirrane.
Board of Management: John Halligan (Chairman), Fr. O’Connor, Colm Ó Conaire,
Aisling McLoughlin, Mary Peters, Julie Higgins, Mary Glynn & Anne Mullen.

We also have a Parents Association.
Look out for notices on the Notice Board in hallway of school.
You are most welcome to attend meetings.

The children wear the standard uniform (no crest):
grey trousers or pinafore/skirt, (girls may wear either),
a light blue polo-shirt with
a navy jumper for the boys and a navy cardigan/jumper for the girls.
Please ensure that all clothes likely to be removed i.e. coats, hats, but especially
jumpers and cardigans are clearly labelled with your child’s name,
as many children possess similar items.

PE uniform: Pupils are required to wear a plain navy tracksuit bottoms on PE days.
Children wear the regular blue polo shirt with it.

It is school policy to encourage healthy eating.
A nutritious lunch helps your child to focus better and work to their full potential.
Your child will need something small, for example, fruit, for short break
and a healthy lunchbox for big break.
We would like to remind you that sweets, crisps, chocolate and chewing gum
are not allowed in school..
We especially ask you to avoid fizzy drinks, as they can greatly reduce your
child’s ability to concentrate. Please ensure that your child’s lunch box is
clearly labelled with your child’s name.
For safety reasons, do avoid glass bottles for drinks.

Please ensure that your child has the following items clearly labeled
with your child’s name
(as this greatly assists us when we try to sort out who owns what):
· a pencil, · a sharpener · coloured pencils or crayons · a rubber.
No markers or Biros allowed in Junior or Senior Infants.
No Tippex allowed in any class.
Mobile phones are strictly prohibited.

We have a roundabout system in operation in Ballindine school.
For insurance purposes, as well as for safety reasons, all cars enter on the left,
go round the roundabout and exit via the other road.
Only staff cars drive past the roundabout.
The road has been widened to accommodate parking lengthways on the
left side of entrance road and left side of roundabout.
Please don’t block the roundabout, by parking on the exit side
of roundabout or anywhere on the exit road. For safety reasons,
please ask your children to get in and out of the car on the footpath side
and to always walk on the footpath.

Should a pupil be absent for any reason a written explanation should be given to
his/her teacher when your child returns to school.
All absences of 20 days or over are now required to be reported to the
Education Welfare Officer (Education Welfare Act)

Please check your child’s school bag for occasional newsletters or notes from school.
We find this is an effective way to communicate with parents.

There will be a Parent-Teacher meeting in the first term to inform you of your
child’s progress at school. You are of course welcome to make an appointment
to speak to the teacher before that, if you wish. Please tell the teacher if there is
any problem-even the smallest is a big problem to the Infants.

Do keep the school informed of any change of address,
change of Home Tel. No.
(or the alternative Tel. No. for emergencies).

We also request that you inform the Infant Teacher if someone other than
usual is going to collect your child from school.

Finally, we hope your child will enjoy their school days in Ballindine N.S